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London Marathon runner supports mental health and wellbeing

Matthew McKeague from Cambridge is running the London Marathon on 23 April to raise money to help subsidise counselling services at Quay Place.

Matthew  works for the Churches Conservation Trust and was a crucial part of the project team that renovated St Mary at the Quay on the Ipswich waterfront, bringing the building back into regular use.

Matthew says: “I’ve always thought the work of Suffolk Mind to be very important, and when I got involved in the Quay Place project it was great to be able to learn more about the specific work they do.

“I think our awareness of mental health and wellbeing is growing, but we are not always sure how to look after ourselves in this respect. That’s why I think the work of Suffolk Mind, like the Quay Place project developed in partnership with my own organisation the Churches Conservation Trust, is so important in creating new ideas and services to help people stay well.

“I’m very pleased that the funds I raise will support bursary places for counselling at Quay Place, helping ensure everyone has access to the services they need – regardless of ability to pay.”

Matthew began running a few years ago to get fitter. What he didn’t expect were the huge benefits it has for general wellbeing and mental health. After a busy or stressful day everything can get a bit out of perspective, he says, but running really helps to get the important things back in focus.

Matthew has completed one marathon before, in Barcelona, which he ran in 3hrs 47min, so he’s hoping for something around that kind of time again.

Matthew continued: “I very much enjoy running in new places, seeing buildings and streets I have not seen before, and the London Marathon will take in a few parts of our capital that are new to me - so am looking forward to those taking my mind off the hard miles!”