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Dan Wheals

Dan Wheals

Dan Wheals Medical Herbalist Bsc (hons), Bsc (hons), M.N.I.M.H. (Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists) and Swedish Massage V.T.C.T.

Western Herbal Medicine takes your life story and case history into account, with herbal prescriptions made up specially for you.
Dan has been a medical herbalist for 10 years and is happy to discuss if herbs can help you, please check my website for more.
It is amazing to use the natural ability of whole herbs to help our bodies and I also note the value patients place on time to talk and reflect on lifestyle choices.
Please look out for planned workshops on botanical gardening, medicine making and apprenticeship opportunities.

Swedish Massage is a full body massage super for relaxation but also great for staying healthy. Receiving massages is a skill and we work on breathing as well prioritising areas to work on and ways to stay relaxed.
Regular massages recommended and discounts offered for multiple bookings - decide after the massage. Please bring your diary.

Dan Wheals
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Herbal Medicine, Massage & Permaculture
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