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Resident Artist

Resident Artist
Artist in Residence at Quay Place
On one of your visits to Quay Place you may meet Paul Vousden who is is our artist in residence to August 2017.  Paul will be introducing The Drawing  Project: Quay Place, people and reflective artwork.
Quay Place provides space for us to pause, reflect, and grow, and is a perfect backdrop for artworks of, and by, people relating to this world around them.  Creating reflective artworks in Quay Place provides an opportunity to capture, over time, the way our relationship with the building evolves, expressed through space, light, gesture, and posture.

Paul will work, observing people interacting in, and with, Quay Place and will reflect how we respond to the space and those around us.

Drawing provides us all with an opportunity to reflect, on ourselves and our place in the space. Reflections and mirrors are enormously important in art and a common theme in pictures.   There are ways you can get involved in the project, there will be:

  • Mirrors for you to see yourself relating to the space, perhaps with others in your group
  • Materials so that you can make self-portraits, studies of friends, or groups
  • Displays of work

Your drawings can show yourself, each other, the space, or your feelings about being in Quay Place.   During the year our work will be on display and at the end of the year selected works would be formally exhibited.

Work made by the public will remain with Quay Place and may be selected for display.

Paull will be at Quay Place on most Friday mornings - for more details please get in touch 

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